left: The Romantic Condition, installation view across multiple scrims, Darling Foundry, Montreal QC Canada; center and right: The Romantic Condition, details, Centre d’Art Passerrelle, Brest, France




Centre d'art Passerelle, Brest France
DarlingFoundry, Montreal, Canada

Towering video projections and soundwork accompanied by hundreds of ice hearts melting into large puddles rivulets.


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Several scrims carry large (floor to ceiling) video projections of a mutating heart while a soundwork combines Gregorian chant, fragments of narration, and pools of collected sound.

EXCERPT (from catalog essay)

"...the projections give a particular place to deep views of a frozen surface; the sound recording of snow and ice turning into water drops; a musical aria; a recording of cardiovascular rhythms. In spite of their nearly clinical aspect, the painterly aesthetic of these organs is simply bewitching. These "true-false" digitized hearts present a paradoxical double status of "objets d’art " and of organic clones. These painted hearts evolve and implode, coming up against an elementary physical principle that takes place in front of them "in real time ", according to the Internet current expression. The frozen hearts are melting and become water!


Somewhere between permanent and transitory, between potential and real, between mimetic achievements drawn from technology and a simple "natural " physical process of transformation and loss, the echoed significance of this installation is suggested through multiple prevailing contradictions. Contradictory fragments of a secret loving conversation. Sections of "dematerialized" bodies and very commonplace water leaks. A technical and scientific potentiality and a prosaic reality. Artificial alchemy of life or ordinary observation. Illusions and breaking off of illusion. Beware. Minefield underground!"


René Viau, critic, Montreal and Paris



Several hundred ice hearts were installed at Centre d’Art Paserrelle, Brest, France, soon melting into large pools of water throughout the space. Preparation, fabricating and storing the ice hearts had been ongoing for months before.




Centre d'art Passerelle, Brest France, director/curator Chantal Bideau
Darling Foundry, Montréal, Canada: gallery director Caroline Andrieux, guest curator, Manon Blanchette.