SOuvenir: a Recollection in Several Forms

The work was presented on the 31st floor of Park Place office tower. Although much of the building was occupied, this particular floor had never had a previous tenant. The piece consisted of several parts; a preliminary mailing, VideoPerfume, Murmurings, and Oratorio.

Joey Morgan Souvenir

: A piano soundboard surrounded by broken glass at the far corner of the space. Several audio speakers played back a soundtrack documenting the specific history of this piano:

The final phrase of a Chopin nocturne was followed by: the piano being slowly pried apart; the soundboard resonating underwater; a series of light arpeggios as rats ran across the strings; bell-like sounds as the piano was slowly heated by a propane bar followed by bright crackles and deep chords as the soundboard itself caught fire; and finally the explosion of a 357 magnum ripping through one of the strings. Each of the source recordings were edited into a musical structure, and the final composition played back as a 15 minute recital.

independent installation, 31st floor, Park Place Tower, Vancouver Canada

(1987), Songs of Experience,
National Gallery, Ottawa Canada
curated by Diana Nemiroff and Jessisca Bradley

(1990) L'art d'Installation
, Musee d'art Contemporain, Montréal Canada,
curated by Manon Blanchette. Currently held in permamnent collection of the Musee d'Art Contemporain