10,000 Faucets and Doorknobs

commisioned public artwork

Public art piece installed at The Spot, a multi-use residential tower, 933 Seymour Street, Vancouver, British Columbia.

10,000 Faucets and Doorknobs
is installed as multiple elements, linked visually across the public entrance to the site. Fragments and details of residential architecture are sealed in an amber coloured resin an embedded in the surface of the sidewalk. Although they carry an illusion of significant depth, as if there existed an alternate mass beneath the face of the building, the pieces are never more than 2” thick.

Composed as a series of fissures the piece functions on several scales: as a pathway accompanying the public through the site; on closer inspection as individual “cells” filled with narrative details; and from a distance as an underlying structure, a cadence of a collective memory beneath its current form. At times its presence seems primary; at other times the piece seems to disappear. This layered presence allows multiple readings, both by various visitors to the site and, over time, by people who pass by everyday.

10,000 Faucets and Doorknobs was developed and installed in the same neighborhood as Fugue (1984).